Can You Microwave Butter? Is It Really Doable Or Not?

can you microwave butter

You want to try the newest recipe in your favorite cooking magazine but realize that it requires some melted butter. What should you do at the moment? Using a stovetop can be frustrating as you will need to utilize a pan and clean it eventually.

So now you wonder: Can you try some other ways instead? Can you microwave butter? Check out our detailed answers and explanations for those questions below. You will no longer find melting butter a big problem to solve.

Can You Microwave Butter?

Yes, you definitely can microwave butter.

Microwave has always been a precious asset in anyone’s kitchen since it can help quickly heat the food and defrost ingredients.

And, without a doubt, this particular kitchen appliance also works well for butter.

You can take advantage of a microwave to both soften and melt butter.

This means that one day if you forget to leave butter at room temperature and, even when you need to use it right away, it is still pretty stiff.

Just heat the butter at low temperature in your microwave for about 5-10 seconds.

You will see the difference immediately.


How Long Do You Melt Butter In The Microwave?

Compared to butter softening, the process of melting this dairy ingredient in the microwave may ask for some more time investment from you.

Although the time it takes, without doubt, varies depending on the amount of butter used, you will typically need to spend at least 30 to 45 seconds until your piece of butter is evenly melted.

Is It Bad To Microwave Butter?

Though experts have suggested utilizing the microwave, many home cooks do not hold much interest in this option.

They are worried that this kitchen appliance may not bring about the best result.

For example, the microwave may have uneven impacts on the butter’s structure.

Thus, although you only want to soften this dairy product, what you receive after microwaving may already be an over-softened or melted piece of butter.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to suggest that, as long as you practice the method appropriately, the microwave can serve as a piece of excellent equipment to soften and melt butter quickly.

Why Does Butter Explode In The Microwave?

In addition to the uneven melted result, some people are against this method due to recently reported butter explosions in the microwave.

This incident is pretty dangerous and, as you may imagine, usually leaves a mess that no one wants to clean.

When you heat butter in a microwave, it gets warmer, separating water from milk fats.

Along with the rising temperature, these fats may get overheated and start overflying, which causes the explosion.

Hence, butter may explode when you microwave.

How Do You Melt Butter In The Microwave Without It Exploding?

can you microwave butter

Experts have shared that if cooks microwave this dairy ingredient at lower power for a short amount of time, the fats in butter may not get overheated, hence avoiding butter explosion.

You can put butter into a microwave-safe bowl, set the power at around 40%- 50%, and leave the bowl in the microwave for only 30-45 seconds.

After that, use a spoon to stir the melted result.

You will have a stunning bowl of melted butter.

Can You Eat Butter That Has Melted And Solidified Again?

Technically, yes.

This kind of butter remains edible even when it gets solidified after being melted.

However, as the fats may turn rancid during the process, their texture and taste are no longer the same.

What Food Should Not Be Microwaved?

Although you can take advantage of this useful kitchen appliance in most cases, seven types of food should not go through a microwave.

They are whole eggs, processed meats, hot peppers, grapes, red pasta sauce, breast milk, and frozen meat.

If you try to microwave these ingredients mentioned above, they may explode, smoke, or get unevenly overheated quickly.

Final Thoughts

Apparently, by setting your microwave on a lower power mode, you can utilize it well to melt or soften butter within a few seconds.

However, it is vital to emphasize that, as the butter may explode in the microwave, you should read and follow our instructions carefully to earn the perfect outcome.

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