Can You Microwave A Frozen Pizza? Is It Doable Or Not?

can you microwave a frozen pizza

Pizza is a snack loved by almost every household thanks to its quick, uncomplicated and straightforward process. Honestly, who doesn’t love pizza?

We all tend to look for shortcuts in life, including many eating habits. That’s what makes things like microwaves so popular.

You can reheat most food through microwaving. But, can you microwave a frozen pizza? How long should you cook a pizza in your microwave?

Let’s explore together!

Can You Microwave a Frozen Pizza?

Yes, you can. Microwaving a pizza is possible.

Although many people prefer this approach, it is not the best solution.

It can make the crust of the cake soft or mushy. Conversely, your food may also become dry or stiff, and it will not be as crispy as it was processed in the oven.

Do not worry! You will be fine if done correctly because there are a few ways you can prevent your cake from spoiling.

Of course, it is always best to stick to the instructions mentioned on the microwave packaging if possible.

How Long Should You Cook A Pizza In Your Microwave?

To avoid turning your snack into a mess, you should follow the straightforward instructions that come with your device.

The following is the recommended time to bake this snack by microwaving:

  • One slice: About one to two minutes
  • 8-9 inches-sized: Range from four to six minutes
  • 10-11 inches-sized: About five to seven minutes
  • 11-12 inches-sized: Eleven minutes

If you want to reheat the leftovers, the recommended temperature is 165​​°F.

What Are Different Solutions to Reheat a Pizza

There are many ways to defrost it.

The fact is that many potential solutions will allow you to get the results you want. Here are some of the most popular ways.

Oven reheating and microwaving are considered the most popular due to their quick and straightforward process.

The reheating process is relatively easy, taking only a few minutes. However, you may have to wait 8 to 10 minutes for the one with a thick base.

It is best to refer to the included user manual for the best result.

can you microwave a frozen pizza

What Are Some Popular Frozen Pizza Brands?

Nowadays, hundreds of brands offer high-quality products, and we cannot list them all here. Therefore, we will only mention the 8 names that we like the most.

  • Red Baron
  • DiGiorgio
  • Totinos
  • Tombstone
  • California Kitchen
  • Freschetta
  • Amy’s
  • And more

Is it Eat a Frozen Pizza Uncooked?

This snack and the ingredients in its topping are cooked. It means it is alright if you eat them without defrosting. However, they won’t taste good.

So, no matter how busy you are, take a few minutes to warm them up in some way. This effort will help you have a better meal.

Is it Bad to Thaw Them Before Cooking?

If you defrost it the wrong way, it will get worse.

You can cook them directly from the frozen state. Yet, defrosting them before cooking is also a good idea. Make sure you do not turn them into a soggy mess.

Do not cook this dish on cardboard. Although it is unlikely to cause any significant problems, the cardboard could burn or give the snack a bad flavor

How To Cook A Frozen Pizza On The Stove?

Oven reheating is the perfect solution. However, this kitchen appliance requires some experience to use. So, not everyone can use it properly.

Here are the basic steps to warm up your food with a stovetop.

Step 1: Take your dish out of your refrigerator. Defrost it at room temperature for an hour or so.

Step 2: Add a tablespoon of olive oil to the pan and heat it.

Step 3: Remove the frozen food packaging and place it on your hot pan.

Step 4: Cover the pan and set the flame to medium. Cooking time depends on your pan and pizza.

Step 5: Ideally, turn off the heat when its crust is crispy enough and slightly golden brown.

Step 6: Finally, let it cool for a minute or two before serving. Add some seasoning for a better eating experience.

Check out the video below for a better look at this step-by-step guide.

Can You Use an Electric Skillet to Make This Snack?

You can use it because it creates sufficient heat. You should apply some oil to your skillet, so it does not stick. Keep a watch, so you heat it just right.

Also, stick to the user manual that came with your device.

The Bottom Line

So, you can microwave this snack as long as you follow the instructions suggested by the publisher or our article.

While microwaving is not generally recommended. But it Is more straightforward to reach than an oven or other appliance.

You can expect to enjoy your food a few minutes after defrosting.

Bon Appetit!

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