30 All-American Sandwiches You Need to Try

From classic to creative, these 30 American sandwiches are sure to satisfy.

1. BLT

Image Credit: Pexels / Suzy Hazelwood

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato on toasted bread, a simple yet delicious classic.

2. Reuben

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Charles Brutlag

Corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing on rye bread.

3. Club Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Archie Binamira

Triple-decker sandwich with turkey, bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

4. Grilled Cheese

Image Credit: Shutterstock / George Dolgikh

Cheesy, melty goodness between two slices of buttery bread.

5. Philly Cheesesteak

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

Thinly sliced steak with melted cheese in a hoagie roll.

6. Po’ Boy

Image Credit: Pexels / Rajesh TP

New Orleans favorite with fried shrimp or oysters in a French baguette.

7. Cuban Sandwich

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Lokyo Multimedia

Roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard pressed in Cuban bread.

8. French Dip

Image Credit: Pexels / Anthony Rahayel

Roast beef sandwich served with a side of au jus for dipping.

9. Pulled Pork Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Vékony Richard

Slow-cooked pulled pork piled high on a bun with coleslaw.

10. Turkey Avocado

Image Credit: Pexels / Andrés Góngora

Sliced turkey and creamy avocado on whole grain bread.

11. Lobster Roll

Image Credit: Shutterstock / RFondren Photography

Tender lobster meat in a buttered roll.

12. Italian Sub

Image Credit: Pexels / Vinícius Caricatte

Layers of salami, ham, and provolone with lettuce, tomato, and Italian dressing.

13. Egg Salad Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Pixabay

Creamy egg salad served on soft bread.

14. Ham and Cheese

Image Credit: Pexels / JÉSHOOTS

Classic sandwich with ham and cheese, often served hot.

15. Chicken Salad Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Lloyd Mitchel Guanzon

Chunky chicken salad with celery and mayo on bread.

16. Roast Beef Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Anthony Rahayel

Sliced roast beef with horseradish sauce on a roll.

17. BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Rajesh TP

Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, lettuce, and tomato.

18. Tuna Melt

Image Credit: Pexels / Mitchel Guanzon

Tuna salad with melted cheese on grilled bread.

19. Meatball Sub

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Elena Veselova

Juicy meatballs in marinara sauce stuffed in a hoagie roll.

20. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Image credit: Shutterstock / Oliveshadow

A timeless classic loved by kids and adults alike.

21. Caprese Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Sami Abdullah

Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil with balsamic glaze.

22. Chicken Parmesan

Image Credit: Pexels / Victor Cayke

Breaded chicken cutlets with marinara and mozzarella, then baked.

23. Breakfast Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Angele J

Eggs, bacon, and cheese on a bagel or English muffin.

24. Turkey Cranberry

Image Credit: Shutterstock / dragosrrusu2

Sliced turkey with cranberry sauce and stuffing on a roll.

25. Fish Sandwich

Image Credit: Pexels / Rajesh TP

Crispy fish fillet with tartar sauce on a soft bun.

26. Veggie Wrap

Image Credit: Pexels / ROMAN ODINTSOV

A healthy option with a mix of fresh vegetables and hummus.

27. Pastrami on Rye

Image Credit: Shutterstock / pausestudio

Piled high with pastrami and mustard on rye bread.

28. Sloppy Joe

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Billy F Blume Jr

Ground meat in a tangy sauce on buns.

29. Falafel Pita

Image Credit: Pexels / Nataliya Vaitkevich

Spiced chickpea patties with tzatziki sauce in pita bread.

30. Muffuletta

Image Credit: Shutterstock / gkrphoto

Italian meats and cheeses with olive salad on round sesame bread.

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