19 Traditions to Make Modern Life Bearable

In the rush to embrace all things shiny and digital, we’ve left behind a trail of dusty traditions and pastimes. It seems our ancestors held the secret to contentment, and surprisingly, it didn’t involve incessant screen-staring. Let’s embark on a journey down memory lane, where we’ll dust off the relics of the past to uncover the simple yet profound pleasures that once defined our lives. Let’s explore the gems of yesteryears, pondering which of these time-honored treasures merit a resurrection in our modern age.

1. Gathering Around the Radio

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Before Netflix binge-watching, families gathered around the radio for their nightly entertainment. Imagine actually listening to someone without scrolling through your phone. Revolutionary.

2. Letter Writing

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Pen pals weren’t just for kids. Writing letters was like sending a hug through the mail. Now, our inboxes are where good vibes go to die.

3. Reading Physical Books

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Remember books? Those things with pages? Our ancestors devoured them, finding joy in the smell of paper and the weight of a story in their hands.

4. Community Dances

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Back when “social” didn’t precede “media,” dances were the place to be. It was all about moving awkwardly in public, not just in your living room.

5. Cooking From Scratch

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Meals were made from whatever was in the pantry, leading to culinary adventures (or misadventures). Now, we panic if the recipe has more than five steps.

6. Playing Board Games

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Board games were the original social network. Monopoly-induced family feuds aside, they were a source of real, not virtual, laughter.

7. Handmade Clothing

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Sewing wasn’t just for fixing tears; it was an act of creation. Now, the only thing we’re crafting is clever excuses to avoid the gym.

8. Gardening

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Gardening was therapy before therapy was cool. Nothing says happiness like talking to plants—and having them listen.

9. Making Music Together

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Homes were filled with the sound of pianos, guitars, and singing, not just Spotify playlists. Music was a creation, not just a background noise.

10. Storytelling

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Stories weren’t just read; they were told, embellished, and passed down. Now, the closest we get is summarizing a meme.

11. Stargazing

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The night sky was a source of wonder, not light pollution. Constellations were friends, not just GPS glitches.

12. Taking Sunday Drives

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A leisurely drive was an event, a chance to see the world beyond your postal code. Now, a traffic-free commute is considered a good day.

13. Visiting Neighbors

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People actually knew their neighbors and, get this, visited them without texting first. It was like social networking with actual faces.

14. Keeping Scrapbooks

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Memories were pasted, not posted. Scrapbooks were the original Instagram, but with more glue and less judgment.

15. Physical Exercise as Play

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Exercise wasn’t a chore; it was just called playing outside. And somehow, it was fun.

16. Practicing Patience

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Without instant everything, our ancestors learned patience, by default. Now, we get antsy if the microwave takes too long.

17. Preserving Food

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Canning and preserving food was a way to connect with the earth and prepare for the future. Today, we just UberEats our way to the next meal.

18. Crafting for Fun

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Crafting wasn’t just a Pinterest fail waiting to happen; it was a legitimate pastime. Making something with your hands was part of the joy of living.

19. Enjoying Silence

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Silence wasn’t something to be filled with noise; it was savored. Now, we’re uncomfortable if we’re not bombarded with sound or screens.

Back to Basics: Unplugged Happiness

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Maridav

Perhaps it’s time to dust off some of these old-timey habits. Not all of them will fit into our modern lives, but who knows? Happiness might just be hiding in the pages of a book, the strings of a guitar, or the silence we’ve been avoiding.

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