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Tomato Substitute: Top 10 Most Suitable Options

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable in America.

They’re also known as one of the healthiest foods to eat, but for people with food allergies or sensitivities, they can be difficult to enjoy. Luckily there are plenty of substitutes that taste just like tomatoes.

And in this post, I will share them with you. Let’s check them out.

Best tomato substitutes for your recipes

Just remove the tomato completely

It is easy and fast to not use tomatoes. If you are cooking a dish with a lot of other ingredients, it may not be noticeable that there are no tomatoes.

Remember, this will only work if the dish you’re making is NOT something like a tomato salad, because in that case, you can not remove tomatoes from it.


Carrots are a good substitute for tomatoes in many recipes.

First, you should cook carrots until they are not quite soft and mix them with a splash of vinegar. You can also cook them down and make a tasty tomato paste replacement.

Red bell pepper

You can use fresh or grilled red capsicum (bell peppers) instead of tomatoes because they have the same color and sweetness. But they are also nightshades. So, if you’re allergic to the nightshade fruit family, keep this in mind.


Olives will make your dish very different, but that might not be bad. Olives give the umami flavor that tomatoes do. So they will take your dish in a new direction, but it won’t be without flavor. Plus olives are nightshades.

tomato substitute

Tomatoes in canned products

You can make recipes with tomatoes that are canned. Drained canned tomatoes are a good option because they have more flavor. And you will still get the color and tomato-y goodness.

This is a good option when tomatoes are being cooked in the recipe already, or if you want to use canned tomatoes for other reasons that do not involve cooking them.


Dishes like salad or salsa need the taste of tomatoes, for sure. But sometimes they are not there. You can put cheese on salad and salsa to make them taste good.

Try other tomato varieties

Sometimes people can replace tomatoes in recipes with other kinds of tomatoes. The flavor might be a bit different, but you should still be able to make it taste good. This should work if you are looking to replace tomatoes when someone is on a diet.

If what you’re making needs tomatoes, a type of sauce, for example, then you can try any of these tomato products: paste, puree, or canned tomatoes.

You can also use fresh vegetables like stew or soup. If you’re making salads, try sun-dried tomato products instead.

Mango (unripened ones)

Mango has a tart taste and its texture is similar to tomatoes. You can use mango in salads or on sandwiches. You can also try using mango in tomato-based pastes and sauces. Mango works very well with Tuscan chicken, so you should try it.


Amla berries are small green berries with hard skin. They are bitter in taste. And people usually get rid of it by soaking in salt water and then adding them to recipes that need a savory and sweet taste.

They do have lots of antioxidants in them, you can juice and dry them to use in your recipes.


They are round vegetables that are often orange. They can be used to make pie. Pumpkins come from the US and Mexico but are now used all over the world.

Its puree could be used as a substitute for tomatoes in recipes. Add vinegar to taste and you’ll get the same acidity as if you used tomatoes.

What to replace tomatoes in a salad?

Tomatoes are good, but if you don’t want them, there is a lot of fruit you can use. During the summer, strawberries and cherries are the best options for this.

What fruit is similar to a tomato?

Persimmons, which are the fruit that look like tomatoes.

What can I substitute for tomatoes in a diet?

You can substitute tomatoes in your diet with raw mangoes. Raw mangoes are not as tangy and sweet-ish as tomatoes, but they are texturally similar when cooked properly.

You will need to use more raw mangoes than you would with tomatoes though.

Are ground cherries a tomato?

Ground cherries are not related to tomatoes. Ground cherries are in the same plant family as tomatoes, so they can be called ground cherry tomatoes. They need a lot of sun and water.

What does tomato taste like?

Tomatoes taste sweet and a bit tart.

What are ground tomatoes called?

Ground tomatoes are also called Husk tomatoes. They have a light-brown, papery husk (calyx) that covers the maturing fruit. These two types of ground tomato are most commonly grown: tomatillos and ground cherries.

What happens if you are allergic to tomatoes?

If you have a tomato allergy, you might have a skin rash, eczema, or hives.

You might also have stomach cramps and nausea. You might start to itch or feel that your throat is uncomfortable. You could cough, sneeze, wheeze, or have a runny nose as well as feel itchy.

Why do I get diarrhea after eating tomatoes?

Tomatoes might make you have diarrhea. This is because tomatoes are acidic and fatty. People who react to tomatoes get diarrhea.

How do I make tomato paste?

First, put a pan on the stove. Then put in some onion and garlic. Add water.

When it is boiling, add tomato paste and chopped tomatoes. Stir until it is all mixed together. The sauce should be thick enough to stick to pasta or pizza dough when poured on top of it.

Can you substitute tomato soup for tomato paste?

Yes, but it is not the best option. Tomato soup is very liquidy. You can use it when you have nothing left in your house to cook with.


In summary, here are the best options you have to replace tomatoes in your recipes:

  • Just remove the tomato completely
  • Carrots
  • Red bell pepper
  • Olives
  • Tomatoes in canned products
  • Cheese
  • Try other tomato varieties
  • Mango (unripened ones)
  • Amla
  • Pumpkin

The key to cooking with substitutes for tomatoes is to make sure they have a similar texture and consistency. And don’t forget the flavor.

You may need to increase or decrease seasonings depending on what you’re substituting.


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