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About Us


Welcome to Elapasony, a blog for foodies! My name is Michael and I am so happy you’re here. While I work full-time in the traveling healthcare field, food is my number one passion. It is truly beautiful that you can explore unique foods every day and there is still always something new to try. I am on a mission to try every cuisine that I can, often going from state to state exploring trendy restaurants as well as local hotspots. One of the biggest benefits of traveling for work is getting to explore a large variety of foods, which is why I brought Elapasony to life. Sharing food passions with others is something to be celebrated!


As a fellow foodie, some of my favorite foods hail from Spain, Japan, Italy, and of course, the USA. When traveling, nothing beats a good food truck, serving hot, homemade grub right from their vehicle. On the sweeter side, I will never say no to a local bakery or donut shop. Some of my fondest memories are tied to these desserts, so when you find a donut that reminds you of childhood, you hang onto that memory forever. Be sure to send me your favorite spots, so that when I travel there, I’ll have a list of restaurants to try!


Here at Elapasony, we team up with culinary experts to provide recipes and healthy tips for fellow food fanatics. Our recipes are tried, true, and guaranteed delicious. Some are recreations from my travels, others are from trendy places around the web, but with a new, interesting twist. Many recipes are brand-new concepts that you will not see anywhere else. Need to know the hottest recipes using your abundance of summer tomatoes? We’ve got you covered! Want to learn the best egg substitutes? It’s all right here, straight from foodies, to foodies.


Eat well and be well!